Ideal Properties

We could probably be of great assistance to you on the day to day management of the property and by creating a more desirable appeal for tenants whom conduct business on the property. We are capable of organizing simple and long-term maintenance repairs to up-keep the apartment for a desirable appeal. We have not inspected the interior, however, the probable observation would be the same as the exterior.

While we are professionals in the property management business, we also can provide accounting support for all income collected, expenses paid and security deposits retained. In certain instances, we can also pay bills on your behalf which pertain to the property (eg. Property taxes, Fire, Liability and Liquor insurance).

We will provide a monthly transaction report itemizing all monetary activities pertaining to the property. Additionally, we will provide your Year-To-Date totals of all combined income and expenses from your property. Every month, approximately by the 25th day of that month in effect, you will also receive the NET rental income proceeds for your property.

All of our accounting work is computer generated with professional Y2K software compliance, coupled with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Furthermore, we do not disburse monies to any property owners until we have reconciled our bank statement with your individual account (unlike most management companies, they say they reconcile their bank accounts, but truly they do not).