Ideal Finance

Conventional Financing

We offer many traditional options such as 15, 25 and 30-year amortization; including a variety of fixed, adjustable and balloon mortgages. With conventional financing, borrowers must have a positive credit history. Loan-to-Value ratios must be less than 75% on apartments and commercial properties.

Minimum Loan amount: $500,000

Non-Recourse Financing

Enjoy the financial benefits without the personal liability. This option does not require personal guarantee making it the perfect program for groups, partnerships and corporate investing. The requirements may be more strict, your credit history must be immaculate, your asset should be in average condition and the property must cash flow.

Minimum Loan amount; $500,000

Sub-Prime Loans

Every need for debt financing does not fit into a nice neat little package. Often times borrowers lack sufficient credit, collateral or equity capital to participate in the conventional market. Other times, the proposed deal structure is too creative for a conservative lender. Ideal Finance, Inc. can assist.

Minimum Loan amount: $200,000

Hard Money Loans

When everyone else refuses to lend, this is your answer. Regardless of your past credit history, we can arrange short term financing secured against other real estate or other financial assets.

Minimum Loan amount: $150,000

Church Loans and Non-Profit entities

Flexible financing available for churches, temples and worship centers. Loans can be used for renovation, new construction, refinancing, church schools, day care centers, and the purchase of income producing properties. Loan amount cannot exceed three (3) times the last fiscal year’s “Collection Plate Income” (consisting of tithes, offerings, building fund, and general donations), and cannot exceed 70% of the Appraised Completion Value. Furniture, fixtures and equipment can be financed at 100%.

Minimum Loan amount: $150,000