Ideal Finance

Our Commitment

We will assist you to package your application for a high approval rate, work with the lender for quick funding and close the loan with your interest in mind.

Your Commitment to Ideal Finance, Inc. and our loan masters

  • Follow the check list as requested for your loan program;
  • Provide all information requested of you in an instantaneous manner; and
  • Inform our loan masters about your property and/or business so that we are not blind sided by the lender when they review your file for approval.

In December 1998, Ideal Finance, Inc. was established to fund the capital needs of itís clients which include residential real estate, commercial real estate and equipment leasing. Today, Ideal Finance, Inc. staffs a group of principals, who together offer more than 10 years of experience in the banking, mortgage lending and financial services industries.

Ideal Finance, Inc. specializes in all commercial real estate lending (commercial and residential) and arranges (brokers loans) financing locally in Hawaii and around the continental United States. We can also finance projects in other states of the United States of America. We deal with over 200 commercial lenders in the U.S. and can provide greater flexibility than traditional banks.

Our primary focus is to help residential home buyers and investors maximize their return on their investment by creatively structuring the debt financing portion of their transaction. We enjoy challenging cases, especially when your credit is excellent. Home buyers, investors, realtors and developers are welcomed.